The Return of Greed (Part 5)

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After a long period during which a truce maintained communities in relative stability, the time came when the temptations of greed began to erode the fragile balance. The uncertain agreement that allowed for coexistence was put to the test, and its fragile nature witnessed further tensions.

The main instigators of this new storm were humans, who began to increasingly covet the resources of the primeval forest. The riches hidden within its depths continued to tempt their greed, and old animosities were reignited. Although the truce mandated refraining from conflict, the hearts of humans were filled with a desire for power over the forest’s wealth.

The greed of individuals escalated into conflict, overturning the agreement upside down. Conflicts over land, resources, and privileges began, and the relative harmony following the last war began to unravel.

The sacred trees of life, observing the unfolding situation, were increasingly burdened by the weight of the new crisis. Their roots, already weakened by dark magic and the first war of races, found themselves once again in jeopardy. The sounds of conflict drowned out the birdsong, and the harmonious sounds of nature gave way to the noise of mounting hatred.

The truce, meant to be a symbol of unity, peace, and cooperation, was shattered by the hands of the forest’s own inhabitants. Humans, forgetting the lessons of the past, embarked on a path that led back to what they had tried to escape. This was one of the toughest trials faced by the community of the primeval forest, and the future once again became a misty curtain of uncertainty. Another war had begun… also known as the War of Splintering Trees.

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