Fly Sword STL


Fly sword STL miniature – This is an STL file for self-printing. Personal use only. Not for resale or commercial uses.


Fly Sword is a dangerous and mysterious weapon from Dungeons & Dragons universe. This unique RPG figurine was designed in our studio. You can print this miniature in translucent resin. Paint the sword, leaving the resin in the place of the fire. This way you will achieve a unique effect of a levitating sword.

This is a miniature from our DnD MONSTERS SERIES. Download the current PDF with the heroes of the Dungeons & Dragons world.

  • A unique model designed by our studio
  • High quality STL model
  • Model and base separately file


If you would like to print a miniature in a size that is not available in the store, please send us an inquiry – 3D print.


Fly Sword DnD miniature.

Fly Sword is a dangerous and mysterious weapon that comes to life through powerful magic. It often appears in the form of a flying rapier or flying scimitar. Seemingly an ordinary sword, when animated, it becomes a deadly adversary, possessing its own will and intelligence.

At first glance, the Flying Sword may appear like any other. However, upon magical activation, its blade begins to pulsate with unknown energy. It is often observed that in place of the traditional hilt, something resembling a hand grows, capable of gripping and manipulating the weapon. The sword often acts autonomously, seeking its master or a target assigned to it by the mage who created it. It can act according to instructions or independently, making its own decisions in battle.

DnD rapier, scimitar.

All kinds of magical and non-magical objects enrich the gameplay. A curse placed on a magical item can add a new storyline to the campaign or completely change its direction.

The Flying Sword is extremely agile in combat, capable of executing swift attacks with perfect precision. Its blade is sharp as a razor and can easily cut through even the thickest armor. Additionally, the sword has the ability to sense the environment around it, allowing it to anticipate the opponent’s movements and quickly react to attacks.

Despite its power, the Flying Sword has certain weaknesses. Its dependency on magic makes it vulnerable to spells that deactivate or block magic. Furthermore, if it is separated from its power source or deprived of a target, it may become disoriented or lose motivation to act.

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