Troll miniature Torsten


Troll Torsten miniature RPG was designed for the Forest Rush board game.

Torsten was just a troll who preferred a quiet life away from humans. Unfortunately, one day he was caught by humans and imprisoned in a cage. Torsten tried desperately to escape, and finally succeeded. He hid in a nearby cave and lived there alone for a long time. However, one day he heard about the hero’s legendary treasure, which was supposed to be hidden somewhere in the area. Torsten decided to get this treasure, but noticed that he was not the only one who had heard of it. He is now hunting heroes who also want to find this treasure, ready to fight and defend their territory.

  • Custom scale –  Troll height 37mm
  • Miniature designed for Forest Rush board game
  • A unique model designed by our studio
  • High quality SLA resin printing
  • Miniature packed in special packaging

If you would like to print a miniature in a size that is not available in the store, please send us an inquiry – 3D print.


Troll miniatures RPG

Troll miniatures RPG appears in many fantasy stories. Concurrently A troll is a creature that appears in various mythologies and folklore, especially in Scandinavian lore. furthermore the name “Torsten” has Scandinavian roots. Specifically this name means “Thor’s stone”. It’s important to remember that we created Troll Tortsten as our first miniature. We designed character for the board game Forest Rush. At last the troll is a key character in the game. Because the hero that each player moves in the designated turn.

Troll Torsten story.

Despite its brute force, Torsten had a gentle disposition and did not seek human contact. Unfortunately, one day he was caught by humans and imprisoned in a cage. Torsten tried desperately to escape, and finally succeeded. He’s been less friendly since then. He is a character endowed with exceptional, brute strength.

We made this miniature in the scale of 28/32 mm. Both 28mm and 32mm have 44mm height. Additionally miniature appear in two variants. Firstly we printed Troll variant with a base (for the board game). Secondly we printed Troll in two separate parts: troll + base. This in the collector’s version for better painting.

Trolls collectable figures.

This premium troll RPG minis is unique because it is the first RPG figure made in our studio. Troll is a hero designed for the board game Forest Rush. Details and intricacies emphasize the uniqueness of this project. Extraordinary figure designed with a passion for fantasy RPG worlds. You can paint the mini catman sulpture in a unique, one-of-a-kind way. See more RPG figures designed in our studio.

Giant troll sculptures printed on 3D printer.

As a curiosity, we can tell you that we have printed an over one meter sculpture of Troll Torsten, which is located in our studio. We hope to paint it in the future. We printed the miniature as a one-meter-sized sculpture on a 3D printer. The whole project took several months of printing and assembling the parts that make up the sculpture. The sculpture is located in our studio.

Troll miniatures RPG

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28mm scale, 32mm scale


Connected to miniature, Printed separately


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