Sorceress Kare miniature

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Sorceress Kåre miniature RPG was designed for the Forest Rush board game. You can order the miniature in the scale of 28mm, 32mm and in the version that appears in the Forest Rush board game.

Kåre is a descendant of a famous sorcerer known from legend. From an early age, she learned magic from her grandmother, who was a powerful fire magician. When Kåre grew up, she mastered fire magic to an extraordinary level. Her fiery spells were strong and precise, and the flames danced around her like living beings, yielding to her will. However, Kara wanted to master the magic of other elements as well.

  • Custom scale – miniature height 35mm
  • Forest Rush board game version –  miniature height 41mm
  • Base in Forest Rush: 2 version separated and connected
  • Miniature designed for Forest Rush board game
  • A unique model designed by our studio
  • High quality SLA resin printing
  • Miniature packed in special packaging

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Fantasy sorceress Kåre story.

Kåre is fantasy sorceress, granddaughter of a famous wizard of legend. For this reason she was trained in magic from an early age by her powerful grandmother, the ruler of fire magic. As a result when Kare reached adulthood, she mastered fire magic to perfection. Without a doubt her spells were powerful and precise, and the flames obediently danced around her, doing her bidding. However, Kare also wanted to possess the magic of other elements.

With this intention sorceress Kåre began to travel the world, learning new spells and helping people in need. At this time she also met other magical beings and made friends with them. During a visit to a village, she learned about a legendary treasure hidden in a nearby magical forest. According to the legends in forest you can find magical crystals. Moreover they have the power to control all the elements and unlock the secrets of magic.

Thus following the clues, she reached the Magic Forest, a place full of mystery and danger. Here trees enchanted with dark magic towered high, and bizarre creatures roamed beneath their crowns. Kare had to cross numerous traps and face terrible creatures to reach her destination.

Premium rpg dragon’s crown sorceress figure.

This miniature was designed for the board game Forest Rush. The sorceress holds a magical staff with one of the enchanted crystals. The miniature can also be a part of other fantasy worlds like Dungeons & Dragons world. This rpg miniature was crafted with great precision, featuring belts and vessels filled with magical potions. An ideal canvas for painting. See more RPG figures designed in our studio.

Fantasy sorceress

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28mm scale, 32mm scale, Forest Rush board game


Connected to miniature, Printed separately


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