Elf miniature Sylfiel

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Elf figures. Sylfiel is a lovely forest elf with magical abilities who lives in the heart of a dense and mysterious forest. She was born with the first ray of light of the rising sun, so from the very beginning she was endowed with extraordinary energy and sensitivity to the beauty of nature.

  • 28 mm scale –  Elf height 28mm
  • A unique model designed by our studio
  • High quality SLA resin printing
  • Model and base printed separately

If you would like to print a miniature in a size that is not available in the store, please send us an inquiry – 3D print.


Elf figures, Sylfiel story.

Listen to the story of the creation of mini elf figures. From an early age, Sylfiel displayed an unparalleled passion for learning the secrets of the forest ecosystem. Besides she moved gracefully and freely among the treetops. Equally every rustle of the leaves was transformed into a melodious song for her ears. She soon discovered that she had a remarkable gift for communicating with plants and animals. In due time they were happy to respond to her voice.

As Sylfiel grew older, she immersed herself deeper and deeper into the science of nature magic. In this situation she learned spells that helped protect the forest from evil and restored harmony within. So that her magical abilities attracted the attention of the elven elders. Under those circumstances they made the decision to accept her into the elite group of forest guards. Henceforth as a forest guardian, Sylfiel dedicated her life to protecting nature and ensuring the balance of the ecosystem. In addition she bravely faced the dangers that threatened her beloved forest, defending it from predatory creatures and irresponsible intruders.

Today, Sylfiel still remains a loyal guardian of the forest’s secrets, upholding the sanctity of nature. Her legendary deeds are passed down from generation to generation, inspiring generations of elves to love, protect and respect nature.

Dungeons & Dragons premium elf miniature

This premium elf figure from Dungeons & Dragons universe was created by us and is only available in our store. Details and intricacies emphasize the uniqueness of this project. Extraordinary figure designed with a passion for fantasy and the world of Dungeons & Dragons. You can paint the mini elf sulpture in a unique, one-of-a-kind way. See more RPG figures designed in our studio.

Elf miniatures

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28mm scale, 32mm scale


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