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Azer STL miniature – This is an STL file for self-printing. Personal use only. Not for resale or commercial uses.


Azeri are dwarves from the Elemental Plane of Fire. The skin of these creatures is metallic and brass-colored. Tongues of fire burn in place of hair. You can print this miniature in translucent orange resin. Paint the figure, leaving the resin in the place of the fire. This way you will achieve a unique fire effect for your miniature. A miniature RPG from the Dungeons & Dragons universe. This unique RPG figurine was designed in our studio.

This is a miniature from our DnD MONSTERS SERIES. Download the current PDF with the heroes of the Dungeons & Dragons world.

  • A unique model designed by our studio
  • High quality STL model
  • Model and base separately file


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Azer DnD miniature.

Azer is a creature of flaming fire, born in the depths of blazing caverns. They born of magma, heat and fused with the element of fire. Azer (plural: Azeri) are dwarves from the Plane of Fire. The skin of these beings is metallic and has a brass color. Consequently its appearance seems terrifying. They made of glowing rock and burning lava, pulsating with the life and energy of flames. Moreover Azeri are strong and brave Additionally, they are loyal to those who deserve their respect.

They are skilled blacksmiths, with their craftsmanship legendary throughout the world of D&D. Additionally they possess a talent for smelting metals and forging weapons. They create works adorned with flaming patterns and glowing decorations. Additionally, some possess the ability to cast spells, their power directly derived from the element of fire.

These creatures have a hot temperament, which may make them seem somewhat volatile to outsiders. However, when they gain someone’s trust, Azer are loyal companions. They are ready to fight alongside their friends. Despite their tendency toward anger, they can also show great kindness to those who deserve it.

Made, not born.

Made, Not Born. Thereby Azers do not procreate. Instead, another Azer individually forges them from bronze and infuses them with a fragment of the crafter’s inner flame. Then every Azer is molded with distinct characteristics. In connection with this method restricts the expansion of the Azer populace and serves as the main factor contributing to the rarity of these creatures.

Ancient legends consider Azer to be guardians of the deepest caves and mines, where the element of fire holds the greatest power. In these dark recesses, there exists untold wealth and power that Azer feel obligated to protect. However, they are also ready to fight for justice and defend those who are threatened by the darkness of the underground.

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