Centaur miniature Einar

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Centaur Einar miniature RPG was designed for the Forest Rush board game. You can order the miniature in the scale of 28mm, 32mm and in the version that appears in the Forest Rush board game.

Einar was the son of a tribal chief. From an early age he studied archery, as well as philosophy. When his tribe was attacked by humans, Einar led the mounted warriors to victory. After the war, Einar became the chief of the tribe who decided to contribute to the development of his culture and strengthen alliances with other tribes, finding a hidden treasure in a magical forest about which he had heard from the stories of his ancestors.

  • Custom scale –  Centaur height 38mm
  • Forest Rush board game version
  • Miniature designed for Forest Rush board game
  • A unique model designed by our studio
  • High quality SLA resin printing
  • Miniature packed in special packaging

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Centaur miniature, Einar story.

Einar was the son of a tribe chief and learned archery and also philosophy from an early age. He is a wise and courageous warrior. Therefore, when his tribe was attacked by humans, Einar led the mounted warriors to victory. After the war, Einar became the chief of the tribe. He decided to contribute to the culture of his people and to strengthen alliances with other tribes. To this end, he embarked on a search for a treasure hidden in a magical forest that he had heard about from the stories of his ancestors.

Centaurs history – centauro figura mitologica.

Generally centaurs come from Greek mythology. In short they are mythical creatures of mixed build – half human, half horse. Summing up the upper part of their body (torso, head, hands) was similar to the human body, while the lower part was shaped like a horse. That is to say centaur horse man. Chiefly there are two mythical theories about their origin. Some records indicate that centaurs are the offspring of Kentauros and Magnesian mares. The second is that they come from Iksjon and the cloud goddess Nefele.

Certainly centaurs inhabited the mountains and forests of Thessaly and Arcadia. While at the court of the Lapith king Pejritoos, as his wedding guests, they started a fight because of the excess of wine they had drunk. The famous mythical heroes: Heracles, Nestor and Theseus took up the fight against them. Centauromachia is the battle between centaurs and Lapiths.

Presently modern culture presents centaurs as beings of good and order, in contrast to their mythical prototype. To summarize centaurs are somewhat wild warriors, but definitely on the bright side.

Centaur miniature fantasy statue.

Einar centaur miniature is half man half horse, female centaur. Above all Einar is one of the characters in the adventure board game Forest Rush. We created this premium centaur figure, and it’s exclusively available in our store. The developed details and meticulous attention to detail emphasize the uniqueness of this miniature. An extraordinary figurine designed with a passion for fantasy and the world of RPG games. You can paint the centaur sculpture in a unique and one-of-a-kind way. See more RPG figures designed in our studio.

Centaur miniature

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28mm scale, 32mm scale, Forest Rush board game


Connected to miniature, Printed separately


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