About us

Hi, it’s nice that you stopped by our website. We are a group of enthusiasts passionate about 3D design, graphics, and illustration. Our expertise encompasses 3D printing, ranging from miniature to large-scale figurines measuring over a meter tall. Our studio is filled with impressive characters that we have personally designed, printed, and assembled. While we excel in fantasy projects, we also explore a variety of other themes and genres. On a daily basis, we run the graphic design studio TuszTusz.com (we know, the name can be a tongue twister!). In our studio, we specialize in 3D graphics, animation, illustrations, and photography. If you’re interested in collaborating with us, we are open to working on exciting projects together.

Where are we from?

Our studio is located in Europe, more precisely in Poland, in the city of Gdańsk. The city is situated on the Baltic Sea and has a tradition dating back over 1000 years, most likely founded by the Vikings. It’s a city full of history, where the east meets the west and the north of Europe. The city is situated between glacial hills and the Baltic Sea. For centuries, it belonged to the famous Hanseatic League of Cities. It was here in 1807 that Napoleon Bonaparte halted during his expedition to Moscow. Beautiful and powerful defensive fortifications from that period still remain. World War II broke out in this city on September 1, 1939. It was here that Solidarity was born, which eventually led to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Lech Wałęsa resides in this city. Lastly, the family of J.R.R. Tolkien relocated from Gdańsk to London. Around 1770, Johann Benjamin Tolkien, a watchmaker and porcelain merchant, emigrated from Gdańsk to London, where he started a family and his own watchmaking business. He was the great-great-grandfather of writer J.R.R. Tolkien and was born and lived in Gdańsk. It so happens that it is the city where we create. We are surrounded by interesting stories from every side, which also become our inspiration.

Fantasy blog.

We invite you to visit our blog.

Azer dnd

Azer DnD minis timelapse

The Azer is a being of blazing fire, born in the depths of caves. Here is another miniature from the Dungeons and Dragons universe, designed in our studio. The Azer

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Banshee dnd

Banshee miniature making of timelapse

Welcome, adventurers! Today, we bring you another “making of” from the magical world of Dungeons and Dragons, teeming with extraordinary creatures. This time, we present the Banshee – a terrifying

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Basilisk fantasy

Basilisk – 3D sculpting

On our YouTube channel, you will discover how our miniature sculptures are created. They are unique and all designed in our studio. Today, we present to you another sculpture from

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