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Banshee STL miniature – This is an STL file for self-printing. Personal use only. Not for resale or commercial uses.


Banshee, a terrifying creature from Dungeons and Dragons universe. This dark character was designed in our studio. Perfect for painting and using in RPG games.

This is a miniature from our DnD MONSTERS SERIES. Download the current PDF with the heroes of the Dungeons & Dragons world.

  • A unique model designed by our studio
  • High quality STL model
  • Model and base separately file


If you would like to print a miniature in a size that is not available in the store, please send us an inquiry – 3D print.



Banshee, a terrifying creature from Dungeons and Dragons mythology. Bodiless undead, they are malevolent elven spirits. They hate the living, their eyes burning with continuous hatred. Also characteristic is their eerie, howling voice, from afar resembling cries of pain or wails. These powerful spirits are ready to plunge their victims into terror.

The Banshee’s appearance is terrifying and at the same time grim. Her figure resembles a twisted and bloodied female form, with bluish skin and eyeballs burning with an incomprehensible light. Her short, ragged hair floats around her head, creating an aura of darkness and horror. The Banshee’s lips are bloodstained, and her scream sounds like a cold wind piercing the soul.

Banshee miniature.

What makes this creature so terrifying is its ability to manipulate spiritual energy. Her scream is not only terrifying but also deadly, capable of shattering the souls of weaker beings. In addition, the Banshee has power over natural phenomena, such as mist, rain, and wind, which she uses to her advantage.

They are especially often found in abandoned places, along haunted roads, and in dark forests. Typically, their presence heightens the atmosphere of fear and unease. They also hide in the ruins of castles. Their wails echo among the rubble, reminding of ancient tragedies.

Encountering a Banshee is always a sign of misfortune and death. Those who have heard her scream tell of the fear that paralyzes their hearts, and of the mysterious visions of the future that leave a shadow of horror in their minds. For those who seek to confront a Banshee, one must be prepared to contend with the terrifying spirit that will stop at nothing to satisfy its wrath and thirst for revenge.

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