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Basilisk STL miniature – This is an STL file for self-printing. Personal use only. Not for resale or commercial uses.


The Basilisk is a legendary creature known for its powerful ability to bring death to those who look into its eyes. A miniature RPG from the Dungeons & Dragons universe. This unique RPG figurine was designed in our studio.

This is a miniature from our DnD MONSTERS SERIES. Download the current PDF with the heroes of the Dungeons & Dragons world.

  • A unique model designed by our studio
  • High quality STL model
  • Model and base separately file


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Basilisk DnD.

The Basilisk is a legendary creature known for its powerful ability to bring death to those who look into its eyes. It is a mighty reptile resembling a huge snake or lizard. The creature has a characteristic crest on its back, shimmering in various shades of green, gold, and bronze. Moreover its eyes are the most terrifying feature – deeply set in the skull, reflecting fear and violence. The Basilisk’s skin is rough and covered with numerous scales, providing protection against many attacks.

Dungeons and Dragons Basilisk.

Basilisks usually inhabit remote caves or ruins, where they can quietly hunt their prey. Their diet mainly consists of small mammals, reptiles, and sometimes even larger animals. However, they are not picky creatures. They are ready to attack anything that moves and can be food.

Its most dangerous weapon is its gaze. Even a brief look into the eyes of this creature can be enough to turn the victim into stone. Death itself is not immediate – the victim usually freezes gradually, starting from eye swelling and paralysis, until they transform completely into a stone statue. Only a few brave or well-prepared individuals can avoid this tragic fate.

Fighting a Basilisk requires caution and strategy. Of course, avoiding direct eye contact is crucial. Mirror discs or other tools may distract him. Therefore, That’s why they are often used in the fight against these beasts.. Despite its immense strength and dangerous abilities, the Basilisk is vulnerable to many magical effects. Therefore, it can be defeated by a skilled mage or an experienced warrior. However, even the most courageous adventurers must exercise caution. As you approach the lair of this beast, the risk of turning to stone is always high.

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