Nurgle Monster miniature

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The story behind the creation of Beast of Nurgle. Dr. Julianus Magnus was once a respected scientist and geneticist working for a renowned biotechnology corporation. His intelligence and passion for experiments directed at improving the quality of humanity earned him a reputation in the scientific community. (more in the description below)

  • A unique model designed by our studio
  • 28 mm scale – Beast of Nurgle height 40mm
  • High quality SLA resin printing
  • The model consists of a base and a miniature (you can paint it more accurately)

If you would like to print a miniature in a size that is not available in the store, please send us an inquiry – 3D print.


Beast of Nurgle story.

Discover the story of Dr. Magnus’s transformation into the Beast of Nurgle. At the beginning of his career, Dr. Magnus became increasingly fascinated with the topics of transhumanism and genetic manipulation. This obsession led him to undertake increasingly risky and unethical experiments that eventually ended in disaster. During one experiment, Dr. Magnus was infected with an unknown virus with extremely aggressive properties. The virus quickly transformed him into a monstrous mutant whose body began to degenerate.

Nurgle daemon prince birth

The unbearable pain that accompanied his mutation became a constant reality for him. Overwhelmed by despair, Dr. Magnus fled the lab and took refuge in an abandoned factory. Where he began experimenting on himself. As a result of these arbitrary manipulations, his body became a combination of human tissue. Mutational deformities and symbiotic microorganisms. With the transformation, Dr. Magnus lost his earlier aspirations and became a seeker of dark secrets and power over life and death. He befriended the cult of the faithful Nurgel. The divine patron of disease and decay, who recognized him as their chosen one.

He is now known as “Nurgel’s Anointed” or “Sufferer,” roaming the ravaged lands as a mutant deformed by the plague. His mutant and infectious abilities make him an extremely dangerous adversary. He has the ability to decompose and infect everything he touches, and his toxic experiments threaten both life and morality.

Dr. Julianus Magnus, once a respected scientist, has transformed himself into a terror and the embodiment of disease, rejecting his previous scientific ethics in favor of immortal chaos and decay.

Premium Nurgle miniature

This premium Nurgle daemon can be part of the gameplay in Warhammer 40k. Nurgle monster was created by us and is only available in our store. Details and intricacies emphasize the uniqueness of this project. Extraordinary figure designed with a passion for fantasy and the world of Warhammer 40k. The details and body elements are perfect for painting. We specially designed the miniature to emphasize the character’s sculptural qualities. This makes it ideal for painting. See more RPG figures designed in our studio.
See more RPG figures designed in our studio.

Beast of nurgle

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