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Aboleth STL miniature – This is an STL file for self-printing. Personal use only. Not for resale or commercial uses.


The Aboleth is a repulsive, fish-like aquatic creature, primarily found in underground lakes and rivers. This unique RPG minis was designed in our studio. It is one of the characters appearing in the world of Dungeon and Dragons. The miniature comes from a series of characters from the DnD world.

This is a miniature from our DnD MONSTERS SERIES. Download the current PDF with the heroes of the Dungeons & Dragons world.

  • A unique model designed by our studio
  • High quality STL model
  • Model and base separately file


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Aboleth DnD miniature.

The Aboleth is one of the oldest and most mysterious monsters in the Dungeons and Dragons universe. Its physical appearance and way of being are as fascinating as they are terrifying.

The monster is a powerful and ancient creature with a deeply unpleasant appearance, its body covered in slime resembling spilled oil. Its skin is green, but it reflects light in a strange way, giving the impression that it emits an indescribable glow. Their bodies have an elongated, fish-like form, with fins that pulsate as they move in the water.

The Aboleth’s head is scarlet, with many eyes that shine with an incomprehensible, hypnotic light. The monster lacks a classical jaw; its mouth opens into a large gap, revealing rows of sharp, fish-like teeth.

This mighty creature has the ability to manipulate water and slime, making it a master of underwater spaces. However, its primary weapon is the ability to control the minds of creatures that come too close. The creature can induce its victims into a trance and manipulate their thoughts and memories to serve its dark purposes.

Although Aboleths rarely leave their underwater lairs, when they do, they are a source of unease and fear for all beings unfortunate enough to encounter them. Legends tell of ancient empires that fell due to interactions with these monsters, and their power and knowledge surpass human imagination. Caution must be exercised in dealing with Aboleths, as their influence runs deep, both literally and metaphorically.

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