Pale Skin Elixir

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Discover the magic of Dungeon and Dragons with our meticulously crafted spell cards, including the unique “Pale Skin Elixir” card. Our cards are meticulously designed to bring additional depth and excitement to your adventures in the world of Dungeon and Dragons. With them, each session becomes even more immersive and full of surprises. Get the “Pale Skin Elixir” card and see how one elixir can change the course of your game!

“You transform into a Vampire and gain a bonus to dexterity and movement speed. At the same time, the hair on your head begins to grow rapidly.”

The PDF file contains 3 pages in A4 format. Each A4 sheet includes 8 cards. The first page contains cards with spells. The second page contains blank cards without spells. You can fill them in manually after printing or by adding text in computer. On the third page, you will find the card back, which you can print.

  • A unique DnD card designed by our studio
  • High quality PDF file (A4 format) for self-printing
  • 2 Version with spells and blank cards without spells


Personal use only. Not for resale or commercial uses.

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Magic cards

Elevate your gaming experience with the remarkable DnD cards crafted by our studio. The “Stone Skin Elixir” card is an ideal addition to any campaign, introducing fresh depth and excitement to your Dungeon and Dragons adventures. Each card is meticulously crafted with great attention to detail to guarantee top-notch quality and authenticity. Whether you’re a Dungeon Master or a player, our cards will enable you to fully realize the potential of your game, incorporating strategic and visual elements that will enhance your sessions significantly. Join thousands of satisfied fans and uncover the enchantment that our DnD cards offer.

Pale Skin Elixir Spell

“You transform into a Vampire and gain a bonus to dexterity and movement speed. At the same time, the hair on your head begins to grow rapidly.”

By purchasing the “Pale Skin Elixir” card, you get both a version. Besides cards with the spell you got second blank version where you can add your own spell.


Version with Spells and Without

By purchasing our cards, you receive them in two versions. The first version includes spells on the cards. The second version consists of blank cards, allowing you to create your own unique spells for the game. You can do this either manually after printing the cards or by editing the PDF and typing them on your computer.


Print Quality

Our cards are designed so you can print them yourself on a home printer. Additionally for higher quality, use photo paper to achieve fantastic print quality.


Print Cards Multiple Times

Furthermore if your cards get damaged or you get bored with the spells. Simply print new ones and introduce fresh elements to your game.


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